We love whiskey – it’s in our DNA, and we’re proud of our international selection of ‘lively waters’. We prefer ours ‘straight up’, but you can choose to have yours on the rocks, with a splash of water, or with your favourite mixer. We stock a great range of Bourbon, Tennessee, Rye, Flavour-infused, and Irish Whiskeys, so, there’s plenty of time to enjoy your favourite, or even discover something new.

Each style of whiskey is clearly signposted in our menu —whether you like big bold flavours, subtle hints of fruit and sweet, or a full and spicy hit, we’ve got the whiskey for you!

Our Boilermakers combine craft beers with whiskey, and these have been tailored to bring out the best of their flavours. Try the Goose Island 312 with Jack Daniels, the Brewdog Dead Pony Club with Bulleit Bourbon, or Deer & Beer which mixes Corona with Jager for a twist on the classic boilermaker.